Purna Titli Pose

Kathy Clark’s approach is based on returning the body to a state of holistic and organic movement and the mind to a state of calm and connectedness. After only 6 sessions you will begin to see, feel and experience the mind-body benefits of the Kathy Clark Method including (increased blood flow, greater strength and flexibility, decreased inflammation, enhanced range of motion, and a deeper connection with your body).

We pride ourselves on staying ahead of the fitness, health and wellness curve so our instruction is always informed and ever-changing! You will never be bored or wonder whether you might be missing out on the latest trends. Whether you are a seasoned triathlete seeking to compete at the next level or completely new to an exercise program, we will ensure that you are appropriately challenged and that key areas are targeted to deliver optimal health benefits. Any problems areas will be assessed and isolated and a customized approach will be developed to maximize rapid change in these challenging areas while improving overall wellness.