Many Extreme Core Pilates clients are motivated by the desire to improve their athletic performance, regain mobility and strength after injuries, or decrease pain. Additional benefits realized in just a few sessions are enhanced mindfulness, increased body awareness and restored optimal well being.


We offer Private, Duet, Trio and Quad classes to meet your individual needs and enhance your personal experience, resulting in immediate changes. With a little fun too!

Reformer can actually reframe your body, creating a shape that looks completely different and one that functions on a whole new level complimenting any activity of choice. Through repetition, you literally relearn how to move in space, with that your neuromuscular patterns are re-patterned.

Intro to Pilates Reformer
This class is designed for those brand new to Pilates and/or the Pilates equipment which students will learn basic reformer exercises, focus on breathing, mindbody awareness and the core principles that constitute the Pilates repertoire.

Essential Reformer:
You’ve built the foundation, now keep it solid! Essential Plus Reformer is an appropriate level for students who are ready to challenge their muscular strength, endurance and work on coordination. Students should be knowledgeable in basic principles, essential repertoire and equipment. Continue to build you skills, all while enjoying yourself!

Intermediate Reformer:
Challenge yourself! The Intermediate Reformer level is appropriate for students who have a clear understanding of basic Pilates principles in addition to the strength, endurance and coordination necessary to be successful in this more challenging format.

Advanced Reformer:
Master your skill! The Advanced Reformer Level is for the seasoned Pilates participant, who has mastered both the Essential and Intermediate Level reformer workouts. Join us in this culmination of all your Pilates training, as we challenge strength, endurance and the neuromuscular system with every exercise.

Cardio-Tramp Interval Training: Cardio + Pilates = Results! Join us as we combine Intermediate Level Reformer and cardio, in an interval style class designed to stimulate both cardiovascular and muscular effectiveness. This non-stop class will include intervals of plyometrics using the Cardio-Tramp™, with dynamic Pilates exercises on the Reformer. The Cardio-Tramp™ provides a soft landing surface, allowing a challenging workout without excess stress on your joints. Watch as you burn more calories and transform your Reformer workouts in this fun, energizing class!


The Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) method of muscle lengthening and fascial release is a type of Athletic Stretching Technique that provides effective, dynamic, facilitated stretching of major muscle groups, but more importantly, AIS provides functional and physiological restoration of superficial and deep fascial planes.

Active Isolated Stretching allows the body to repair itself and also to prepare for daily activity. The Active Isolated Stretching technique involves the method of holding each stretch for only two seconds. This method of stretching is also known to work with the body’s natural physiological makeup to improve circulation, decrease inflamation and increase the elasticity of muscle joints and fascia.

Active Isolated Stretching is beneficial for reducing pain, stiffness, chronic musculoskeletal conditions, and limited range of motion. It is an excellent system to integrate into a fitness program to continue to find joy in movement.

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