Welcome to Extreme Core Pilates

Welcome to Extreme Core Pilates Studio located at 22 Union Street in Sudbury, MA. We are a boutique studio offering best-in-class Pilates Mat and Reformer, AIS (Active Isolated Stretching), TRX, Meditation and ECore Barre group or individual exercise sessions that will challenge your mind and body.

The distinctiveness of our brand lies in the individual experience created for each client. Our success has been driven by our innovative and proven program which begins with your individual needs and is specifically designed for your body. Read more about Kathy Clark’s approach to returning the body to a state of holistic and organic movement and the mind to a state of calm and connectedness.

At Extreme Core Pilates our clients come first; their needs and concerns are paramount. Our amazing clients and their fantastic results are at the core of Extreme Core Pilates. Like them, you will come back for more when you begin a program that will help transform your body as well as your life!